xʷnaʔəlməxʷ sχəχi_ls 2018 Call for Submissions (update2).png

Submission Criteria

-       Submission deadline is January 14th, 2019 at midnight and emailed to firstpeopleswriting@gmail.com

-       Written submissions must be sent as Microsoft word document, and PDF or JPEG for other forms of submissions. Please indicate in your email/somewhere on the file if you’d like your submission to be considered for cover art.

-       As pieces are peer-reviewed, please ensure your name does not appear anywhere aside from the cover page.

-       All written pieces must be double-spaced 12pt font and adhere to APA formatting and the UBC Plagiarism policy with a maximum word count of 3,000.

-       In recognition of the politics of language “Indigenous” must be capitalized when referring to people/s.

-       Our policy is not to italicize non-English words as italicizing them serves to set them up as exotic.

If your piece does not exactly fit the criteria, submit it anyways! Feel free to email the editors with any questions.